We took the high speed tgv from Avignon to Nice in around 3 hours. The views from the train are amazing as it runs along the coast and offers awesome views of the sea. It passes through the popular places of the French Riviera such as Antibes and Cannes.


The French Riviera is again quite different from the cobblestone streets of Provence villages and the busy modern cities of Paris and Lyon. Although, these places are bustling with people, they don’t seem to be in a hurry. The entire town of Nice feels like a party place with bright colours and enthusiastic people. The landscapes seem like paintings with colours that a kid might choose – bright blue, red , yellow and green. The entire town can be covered in trams that are very crowded or you can choose to cover by walk as well. After dropping off our luggage, we set off to explore the pretty, little modern city of Nice.

We found a tiny Indian restaurant by the name –Tajmahal and had spicy biryani to our fill. It simply melted in the mouth and after quite some time away from home, the taste of spices excited us to the core. We then explored the old town (also called Vieille Ville). It was very vibrant with all kinds of stores selling a variety of goods – books, souvenirs, clothes, hand bags, beaded necklaces and lots of restaurants full of people.

We then reached the castle hill. After climbing around 300 stairs, we reached the top where you’ll find a garden and a mystical-looking water fountain.



The views from the top of the hill are gorgeous.



You can cover the entire city of Nice in one stretch.


Views at sunset are even more beautiful with the yellow and blue skyline. The entry to the castle hill is shut down at 6:00 p.m. and people who are inside are asked to leave.

We then walked to the ‘Promenade des Anglais’. It was a beautiful stretch of land along the blue sea coast.



There were lots of round pebbles on the beach that made it difficult for us to walk along. We sat down on the cold wet pebbles to enjoy the beautiful sunset.



The seagulls were flying all around us casually as if they were quite used to visitors all the while.


We stayed there throwing pebbles into the sea and enjoying the cool breeze till late night when all the night lighting is switched on.


The city looks very beautiful at night and it feels like a carnival everyday.


There were some street performers performing amazing stunts and acrobatics on the promenade. After exploring the city to our fill, we returned back to our room to prepare ourselves for our next destination – ‘Portovenere,Italy’. Click here to read about the next destination.

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